Bathroom Tiling Trends for 2020: When Style Meets Function

Does 2020 feel like a time for bathroom renovations? If you have the resources and you’re feeling a little too dull with your current bathroom set-up, then you’re definitely up for a bit of mix-up. When it comes to bathroom renovations, one affordable yet significant change most homeowners choose is their walls or floors.

If you plan to mix them up, you can do so with the flexibility of tiling. To keep you up to date with the trends of tiling, we compiled the most stylish ones that meet practical application and function. Read them below.

1.    Wooden Look

There’s something extravagant yet comforting when you lay your eyes on a hardwood wall or flooring. The good thing is, you don’t have to pay the actual price of hardwood installation for you to experience the vibe. You can purchase hardwood looking tiles both in dark and lighter tones in your nearest hardware store!

2.    Matte Finish Tiles

Rising in popularity is the newest innovation for tiling, which is called, matte finish tiles. Unique in texture and overall look, matte finish tiles are becoming a favourite for its easy-to-maintain feature. Aside from choosing matte finish tiles for your bathroom floor, you can use them for walls and countertops.

3.    Lines and Geometric Shapes

Whether you’re into geometry or not, hexagon-shaped tiles and other geometrical features are one of the trendiest options for tiling nowadays. You can play around its compelling appeal and exercise creativeness with lines and shapes. If you don’t know how to maximize its space-conscious effects, you can always ask for professional help.

4.    Gray and White Tones

Who wouldn’t want to grace their bathroom with the classic grey and white tones? Does that exemplify elegance? If you want your bathroom to stand the test of time regarding practicality, style, and function, going with grey and white hues for your tiles is the best way to go.

5.    Black and White Stencils

Is retro or vintage more of your style? If it is, don’t miss out on this trendy renovation for your bathroom. Black and white patterns are mesmerizing, fun, and bring a splash of the good, old times.

Now that we have compiled the tiling trends for 2020, you can plan your next bathroom renovation accordingly. Choose a style and color scheme that fits your budget, your theme, and your vibe. If you need any help with installation or professional guidance, call on your reliable service provider to get started.


Having Kids? Here are Renovation Tips to Make Your Bathroom Kid-Friendly!

Welcoming a child in your home is a breathtaking feat to experience. From cute baby steps to the countless hours of chasing and sweet episodes, a child brings joy to a home. As they grow older, their curious nature kicks in. Putting stuff in their mouth, smelling anything they come across with and walking around the house are the most common activities they undertake.

If you are eager to make your home kid-friendly, it’s time to assess your bathroom and modify it to avoid accidents.

Design With Their Perspective in Mind

Let your kids’ imagination help you out in making this step possible. Ask them what they’d like to see when they take a bath. Aside from the floating ducks, try unisex options like animals, nature, and sports.

After decorating, it’s time to factor in on how they can access their soaps, shampoos, and towels by themselves. Is the towel bar appropriate for their height? How about the hooks and tissue holder? Also, your floor must have a gripping tool like rubber mats to avoid slips and falls.

Give Them the Best of Both Worlds

Kids, as they grow old, will have varied preferences when it comes to bathing. They might enjoy splashing in the tub now and whine for a shower tomorrow. Who knows? In this case, a tub/shower combo is the way to go.

Practice Safety at Every Age

A bathroom is a place where accidents can happen. From every nook and corner of a bathroom, hazards must be minimized. Here are areas you can check and modify for everyone’s safety.

  • Purchase rubber mats and other non-slip materials.
  • If possible, buy a step tool that is non-skid and non-tipping.
  • Have a mesh bag for bath toys as they are tripping hazards.
  • Install locks on cabinets and drawers that contain choking hazards and chemicals like industrial cleaners, medicine, and more.

Install Numerous Sinks or Have Another Kid-Only Bathroom

Chances are, you’ve fought with your partner because of sink control. If you did, you could expect the same scenario with your kids. To avoid fights and mini skirmishes, consider installing different-sized sinks and have each kid their drawer.

If you have the financial capability, you can also opt for an additional kids-only bathroom where they don’t have to deal with adult things and other hazards like chemicals and medicines.

Since your child doesn’t have much control of their environment, you, as a parent is responsible for keeping it safe yet functional. If you need help with kid-friendly fixtures and other bathroom installations, you can reach out to us! We’d be more than happy to help.


A Homeowner’s Mini-Guide to Screeding

As every aspect of our homes is subject to wear and tear, a homeowner might feel the need to renovate or redecorate his home. One point of renovation can be a house’s flooring scheme. Whether you have a tiled, wooden or carpeted floor, having a levelled and sturdy base is essential for a floor that is beyond compare.

With this in mind, we’re going to discuss what floor screeding is and other questions you might have before subjecting your home to this significant renovation.

What is Screeding?

Screeding utilizes a specialized variety of concrete that is mixed and poured onto your home’s concrete base. Then, the mixture is levelled and smoothened so that when it’s finished, you’ll have the floor ready for installation of flooring materials such as tiles, wood, and carpets.

Can I Choose Screeding as My Final Flooring Option?

Yes, you certainly can! It doesn’t matter if you have a commercial, industrial, or residential space; if you decide to have the final screeded floor as your option, you’re good to go! However, most residential areas would opt to have the screeded floor as a precedent to a flooring option like tiles or wood.

If you’re into the minimalist and cost-efficient option, sticking to the final screeding product is a practical choice. But, if you want to explore your creative side and would want to adore the floor with other choices, you can discuss it with your trusted service contractor.

How Long Do I Have to Wait Before a Screeding is Completed?

As most service contractors would state, a screeding project is completed for a minimum of 12 hours to a maximum of 48 hours. However, if you’re planning to put furniture and fixtures on the floor, you’ll have to wait until 28-30 days. As per the flooring choices, a one-week waiting period is recommended before installation.

Where Can Floor Screeding be Done?

The good thing about floor screeding is that it can be accomplished into any property or any areas. Screeding is very flexible and heavy-duty that it can accommodate your flooring needs.

What are Preparations to be Done Before a Floor Screeding?

Before a floor screeding is done, several processes must be completed first. The processes include diamond grinding, crack and joint repairs, shot blasting and scarifying.

Is There Any Maintenance that Needs to be Done for Screeding?

One of the greatest things about floor screeding is that it requires minimal to none maintenance. This makes screeding as one of the most cost-efficient flooring option.

As you ponder whether to submit your home to floor screeding, it is recommended that you talk with a reliable service contractor to assess its benefits and functionality to your home. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We’d be more than happy to help.


Affordable Bathroom Renovations To Try This Autumn

As summer has come and gone, the arrival of autumn will surely brush everyone with its playful yet mellow vibes. Autumn reminds everyone to shift from outdoor picnics and beaches to indoor feasts and get-togethers.

If you want to adore your home and your bathroom, particularly with fall mementos and autumn decorations, here’s how you can do it.

Stick to an Autumn Color Palette

The easiest way for your bathroom to space be filled with autumn wonder is to have your area splashed with fall colours. Autumn colours include shades of brown, purple, red, orange, and yellow. If you want a festive and exciting vibe, then splashes of orange and burgundy red is a great choice. For a calmer and grounded feel, shades of brown can help.

Bring Outdoor Elements Inside Your Bathroom

Outdoor elements like dried leaves, flowers, and pinecones can exist with your bathroom necessities. Decorate your bathroom with natural and organic pieces. No need to purchase plastic items. All you have to do is pick out several items outside and bring them in your space. You’ll be surprised to see how cozy and exciting it looks.

Choose Autumn-Scented Candles

The smell of autumn brings the nostalgic wonder of childhood. Aside from the memories it brings, the great apple cider, cinnamon sticks, and pumpkin pies scents are always the best. These food items are not only limited to the kitchen, but it can be present in your bathroom as well. Having a bathroom with autumn scents envelops you with the cute displays and cozy fragrances.

Have Autumn-Colored Linens and Fabric

From the curtains to the drapes, to the towels and the rugs, choose autumn-coloured linens to warm you up. Since autumn is a prelude to a chilly season, these colours will warm you up and your guests should they use your bathroom.

Decorate with Autumn-Inspired Art and Décor

Aside from using outdoor elements in your bathroom, you can always decorate with fall-inspired art pieces. These are not limited to photographs, paintings, and even wallpapers that remind you of this mellow season.

Final Notes

These tips and tricks mentioned above are just the most fundamental measures you can try with incorporating autumn in your bathroom renovation. You can always think of other affordable renovation inspirations that you can mix and match with ours above. If you need professional help with autumn-themed bathroom renovations, you can always reach out to us, and we’d be more than happy to help you.


Make Your Bathroom Look Stylish and Ready for the Winter

The winter is two more seasons away, yet we couldn’t get help and be excited about bathroom renovation tips that you can try, even as a DIY project. Winter 2020 is something we can all take inspiration when it comes to bathroom renovations.

Although it may seem far-fetched and confusing at first, there are areas that you can spice up to make your winter more stunning and more functional. Are you ready to make your bathroom get prepared for the winter? Take note of these tips.

Comfy, Warm and Plush Flooring Items

Whether your bathroom has tiles, wood, or cement as its primary flooring, you can make it feel cozy and warm by laying a plush carpet over the surface. If wall-to-wall flooring doesn’t appeal to your taste, some cute and icy-looking rugs can compensate. Don’t forget to play with the colour and texture of rugs to match the overall bathroom vibe.

Play With Your Room’s Reflection through a Changed Mirror

Mirrors have a way of making your bathroom appear more spacious and classier. To optimize your bathroom’s mirror, make sure you pick out a shape that complements the area’s style. For Winter 2020, the trend for mirrors has been the latest capsule-shaped ones. Why? These latest bathroom mirrors are versatile, uniquely-shaped, functional, and adaptable to the contrast of the room.

Go for Warmer Lighting

The winter cold is something that makes people feel nostalgic and wondrous. With this in mind, wouldn’t it be more amazing to capitalize on this feel-good vibe and use warm lighting to feed your nostalgic desires? Small chandeliers, pendant lights, and lamps can add to these feelings of coziness and warmth.

Rearrange Cabinets or Redecorate with Winter Pieces

To give a different aesthetic and vibe, how about mixing items in your room and rearrange it? If not, how about adding winter pieces to embrace the season. Putting a snowflake decorative piece, glass and candle items, and mementos that remind you of winter fun are helpful.

Change Bathroom Accessories to Match Winter Theme

One effective way of embracing the winter season in your bathroom is to change your accessories. Have a fresh set of towels, glassware, mats, scents, and more. The key to making this thing work is to determine your winter style and stick with that.

If you have any fantastic ideas to meet the wonder of winter, don’t hesitate to voice them out. Also, we hope that you can try at least one of the mentioned tips to make your winter bathroom renovation fun, affordable, and exciting.

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Effective Ways of Cutting Bathroom Renovation Costs

When it comes to a particular section of your home, there is no doubt that your bathroom needs extra care. It’s easy to swoon with the Pinterest-worthy posts that don an extravagant bathroom renovation project. However, if you don’t have the funds to make your guilty pleasures possible, you can always find a way to minimize your spending.

For this bathroom renovation guide, we’ll discuss several ways of cutting your bathroom renovation costs.

Avoid Disarranging Your Existing Plumbing Footprint

When it comes to bathroom renovations, you might be interested in moving the shower from one point to another. If not, maybe the sink or the bathtub. However, plumbing concerns can be expensive and takes too much time to complete. Keep in mind that you don’t need a fancy arrangement for a bathroom renovation to be effective.

Don’t Underestimate a Fresh Coat of Paint

People wrongly assume that a bathroom renovation requires a new wall, a new floor, and a set of modern bathroom accessories. Although it wouldn’t hurt to ask for a tiled wall, this is not a considerable answer if you don’t have the budget for it. To save money, how about getting your walls splashed with a fresh coat of paint?

Splurge in One Area Only

If you can’t help but be inspired by what you see online, create a budget for a section of your bathroom that you want to be sparkling, magnificent, and stunning. For example, choosing to glam up your vanity requires you to keep your renovation efforts on other areas, a low-profile.

Little Tweaks Matter

When it comes to bathroom renovations, it doesn’t always have to be grand or magnanimous. Sometimes, what you need are the little details to make your bathroom pop. A change in the doorknob, faucet heads, and curtains can do. Moreover, you can add in a few pieces of artwork or intricate hand-crafted projects to make your bathroom feel and look like new.

Spicing Things Up With Lighting

Making your bathroom appear illuminated with a new shade of light can give off a unique vibe. Instead of a lightbulb to adorn your ceiling, how about purchasing a second-hand lampshade that you think is going to match your bathroom’s overall theme? You can also experiment with glow-in-the-dark stickers for a cheap and easy installation!

Final Words

When it comes to bathroom renovations, your creativity, and your budget must always be considered. These two factors determine your limitations and capabilities. However, you can always go the extra mile by being resourceful. The most important thing to remember about bathroom renovations is that the style must never compromise with function.

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Tips and Tricks to Renovate a Small Bathroom

Not every homeowner is given the luxury of having a big house. Because of this, a homeowner is driven to make economic decisions to fit the little space they have. If you are a homeowner who wants to maximize a bathroom’s small area and make it more stylish, here are our proven tips and tricks for a stunning bathroom renovation.

Have a Corner Sink

A bulky sink can make a bathroom feel less spacious and limits the natural foot traffic of a room. To make your bathroom appear roomy, it would help to install a corner sink. A corner sink minimizes the awkward situation of blocking the doorway.

Large Illusion from Large Patterns

If you want to make your bathroom look appear large, try investing on large patterned textures, wallpapers or tiles. When you install these large-scale patterns on a small bathroom, you’ll be surprised to see how big it can appear despite the small physical area.

Skip the Shower Door

Since you don’t have ample space for a fancy shower door, you can opt for a shower curtain. Shower curtains are relatively compact and do not take up much space when compared to shower doors. Moreover, it is more affordable than installing a shower door. You can look for a cute shower curtain design that fits your theme for a bathroom renovation.

Make Your Vanity Float

Floating vanities are not just cute. But, space savers as well. Freeing up the floor makes your small bathroom appear more extensive than it is. Also, you can utilize the freed space as a storage for small items.

Install a Wall-Mounted Faucet

Much like a floating vanity, a wall-mounted faucet frees up floor space. It may not be a traditional option, but you’ll be amazed at how spacious and stunning it can look for your small bathroom. What’s more, you can also try installing a wall-mounted faucet in any room of your house because its aesthetic is versatile and practical.

Extending the Sink Over the Toilet

If you want to have a touch of wooden aesthetics in your bathroom or a stone one, why not try extending your sink over the toilet? You don’t have to worry about your toilet space being compromised plus; you’ll have instant access to the sink.

Elongate The Mirror for Two

For not so generous spaces, every inch matters. If you want to enjoy the vanity without limiting its function to one area, you can always extend the mirror to fit the whole wall space. But, before going for this option, it is best to consult with an expert to assure its functionality and practicality.

Going for the traditional and popular bathroom renovation designs may not suit all bathroom areas. Although it can look good on paper, you must consider the area and the practicality of your plans before trying them.

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Your Basic Guide to Designing a Stunning En-suite Bathroom

We all know that bathrooms are essential to our homes. However, the luxury of having a bathroom inside your bedroom goes beyond convenience. It’s a sign of majestic proportions. Although you don’t need to scramble into another area for a bathroom break en-suite bathrooms are tricky to design and transform.

To get you started, here are our top tips and tricks to make your en-suite bathroom, not only a room of function but a work of art.

Streamline Sanitary Ware

En-suite bathrooms can be small to fit only the necessities or a grand space for the ultimate bathroom experience. However, if you want to maximize the interconnection of your en-suite bathroom to your bedroom, you can consider streamlining the sanitary ware. Going for this option maximizes the space and suits the overall look of your bedroom.

Try a Doorless Frame

Most en-suite bathrooms have a door that separates it from the bedroom. But, if you want to flourish continuity between these rooms, you can try a doorless frame. If you don’t like the idea of someone peeking in while you shower, you can have a shower area with an installed shower screen. For those who want to try a new trend, complementing a shower screen with a black tapware is perfect for a black and white motif.

Install Interesting Designs of Tiles

Homeowners who have the money for tiling can try to install creative tiles in their walls. For example, awkward spaces in your en-suite can be highlighted with a stunning design of tiles for a splash of creativity.

Go for Glass Partitions

If going doorless is too much for you and installing a door seem dull, how about opting for the majestic glass partitions? Glass partitions will bring the aesthetic of your en-suite bathroom to the next level. Imagine walking up to the en-suite bathroom and seeing a glimpse of everything inside and basking yourself in the silhouette of the glass.

Accessorize With Purpose

Since your en-suite bathroom is an extension of your bedroom, it would only be a perfect fit to accessorize it with complementing pieces such as vanity decorations and more. However, since most en-suite bathrooms aren’t spacious, it is best to keep your accessories at a minimum and only have those that are useful for your experience.

An en-suite bathroom is like a water sanctuary inside your home’s tranquil space. Make the most of it by following our tips above and experimenting with your style.

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Making Your Bathroom Pop With Color Without the Hassle of a Major Bathroom Renovation

It has always been a popular choice for homeowners to make their bathrooms adorned with neutrality. Walls of comforting nude hues, bright white, or a lukewarm yellow have become a favourite. These colours make it seem that our bathrooms are our place of calmness and serenity. After all, if you want to embrace these emotions, the surroundings must give off these vibes.

But, choosing to go with the simplistic overalls does not limit your bathroom to be accentuated with vibrant accents. If you want to reinvent your bathroom with great color choices, here are some things you can do to bring it to life!

Play with Wall Accents and Details

Are you being surrounded by boring and repetitive patterns? How about the bland paint-only walls? If you are, time to spice it up with some details. For example, instead of a dull light bulb, try a mini-chandelier. You can also place some cute lamps bordering your vanity for a great statement.

Go for the Bold-Colored Pieces

Try experimenting with contrast pieces for your bathroom. Not going in sync with your colour motif may surprise you. For example, a beige-coloured wall may go well with warm and light undertones, but have you given sky blue a try? Purchase sky blue towels, sky blue shower curtains, and other sky blue accessories. It may not be the usual combination, but it would be great to channel your creativity once in a while. If you need help with colour-matching, you can always consult an expert.

Highlight Your Vanity

If you don’t want to tinker your walls or can’t afford any new ruckus for your bathroom renovation, there is one thing you can change for a dramatic flair. Your vanity is a central highlight for every bathroom.

How about adorning it with those Hollywood-inspired light bulbs? Or hanging some plants around it for an earthy vibe? The sky’s the limit when you’re making your vanity pop in style.

Installing Wooden Planks in the Shower Area

Last on our list of must-try’s is the installation of wooden planks in your shower area. Just imagine the stunning result of having wooden planks envelop your shower area without having to worry about the wall’s colours or details.

Such detail makes your shower area the highlight of the bathroom. Of course, you can pair your vanity’s wall with wooden planks to have symmetry in the room. After all, the decision will ultimately lay down on your style and desire.

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A Comprehensive Checklist of Your To-Do’s Before Committing to a Bathroom Renovation

Sometimes a little creativity and subtle changes make your seemingly dull home into an exciting one. But, before finally jumping into the depths of renovating your home, it’s easier to focus on one area first. For this guide, we’re going to discuss considerations before renovating a bathroom.

This is a crucial aspect because not being able to understand these matters will affect the final result of your efforts in an impressive bathroom renovation. If you don’t want to waste financial resources and time, this is a comprehensive guide for a successful bathroom transformation.

Financial Capacities

It’s easy to get lost in the dazzle of a renovated bathroom. But, before you drown yourself in the sparkle, always consider how much you’re willing and able to spend for the renovation. Setting up a budget lets you visualize the priorities without overspending on unnecessary items or underspending on essential ones.

Hidden Issues

Bathroom renovations are a great chance to assess whether you’re bathroom has hidden problems that need immediate repairs. On an eye-level, water leakage may not occur, but under those pipes, there can be a major problem. Keep an eye out for these concerns.

Functionality Should Jive With Designs

Ultimately, you deserve a bathroom that suits your style and is beneficial to your lifestyle. For style suggestions, we recommend trying out the trendy grey-coloured tiles. It is a staple colour that makes other features pop up to life! You can also check out matte black finish walls in contrast to light grey tiles for a modern appeal.

Speaking of functionality, make your bathroom a place of transformation and beauty. Consider installing a statement vanity that you can purchase at a local hardware store or have a custom one made by an expert.

Hiring a Contractor

Another big concern for those who want to have their bathrooms renovated is whether hiring a service provider or not. DIY bathroom renovations maybe the hype nowadays, but if you don’t have any idea what kind of work you’re getting yourself into, we suggest hiring one.

DIY Bathroom renovations can be done if you only want minimal changes. For example, painting a new hue, changing the wallpaper, re-arranging the shelves or cabinets, and other easy tasks.

If you want to maximize your chances of having a fantastic turnout for your bathroom renovation, it helps to research and list down all of your renovation desires. Also, you can contact a service provider for a more detailed and more accurate assessment of bathroom renovations.

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