Our Services

We provide a full range of commercial and residential bathroom services, which makes us  the premier bathroom renovation company in Northern Territory.

Bathroom Renovation

Whether you want to repair or improve your bathroom to increase accessibility for the elderly, make it safer for everyone, or you just simply want to enhance it, we will work with you to achieve your desired outcome. You can trust us to bring to life your renovation ideas, or we can propose something that matches your preferences.


We specialise in quality tiling services. Our hassle-free tile works are anchored on aesthetics and durability. For the past 20 years, our company has been offering the best tiling services. Around Darwin, Palmerton and Humpty Doo, iTile Bathrooms NT is known as the leading provider of residential and commercial tiling.


The first step in finishing concrete is called screeding. TIt is a sand and cement base made to suit individual bathroom layouts. The purpose of screeding is to create falls so that the water will be drained. This is no easy work and requires skilled hands. We know how to best approach this work to complement your bathroom project. Let us do this for you.


While most people think that a DIY tile demolition is a good idea, the reality is it isn’t. Tile removal needs to be done carefully and tiling expertise is a must in such work. We know how to exactly do this with the goal of creating an impressive repair or improvement project for you. Get in touch with us today.


The Building Code of Australia and Australian Standards (AS 3740-1994) set out the minimum requirements of waterproofing a bathroom. Therefore, it takes expertise to do a commendable waterproofing job. Since bathrooms are wet most of the time, they need to become water-resistant to prevent any structural damages. Discuss with us your waterproofing needs today.

Shower Restoration

The shower area needs to be maintained properly. However, most people don’t consider it when it comes to their overall house maintenance. A well-maintained shower ensures that the area is kept clean and perfectly usable. We cover all areas of shower restoration. These include shower cleaning, mould and mildew removal, soap scum removal, grout repair, cleaning and colour sealing, leak repair and re-caulking.