With tile demolition experts, you are guaranteed a careful procedure and help in dealing with all the mess afterwards.

Tile Removal Is An Expert’s Job

Tile removal is important in any renovation projects. To ensure that this is done accurately, a team of demolition experts is your sure way to go. Let them help you do this project accurately. They will also help you clean up once the job is completed.

Why Choose Us for Tile Demolition?


We waste no time in meeting your renovation or construction schedules.

Safety and Security

Tile removal is not a DIY job. Someone without a skill in tiling will not be able to deal with the potential danger of flying debris. We have the skills and equipment to execute this job properly and professionally.

Proper Tools and Equipment

To do this job properly, certain tools and equipment are needed. We can prevent the danger of damaging any water or electric pipe during the process. Our expert team can make hauling beams, lead pipes, large debris and potentially hazardous items possible.

Clean Up and Waste Management

When the tiles are all demolished, what awaits next is the cleaning process. The team of Itile Bathrooms NT can help you properly dispose of materials in their designated waste management sites. You can count on us from start to finish.

Area Inspection for Quality Assurance

We thoroughly examine a place for quality assurance purposes before we clear it for any renovation or construction projects. Our team carefully scans and cleans the area from any potential hazards.