Perfectly level and even a concrete floor through screeding. Let skilled hands execute it correctly.

Make a Concrete Floor Perfectly Even for Finishing

To screed bathroom floor, it requires the even application of a thin layer of cement with a leveling guide. Your act of screeding bathroom floor is already perfectly smooth when it is no longer touching a guide as you run it on the surface.

How to Screed a Bathroom Floor

NO to DIY Screeding

A certain level of skills is needed to perfectly execute concrete screeding of bathroom floor. Someone who doesn’t have the skill for the job would not be able to do it correctly and worst, can damage a flooring. You can leave this work to us and let us deal with all the difficult and messy areas of this task for you.

Licensed and Insured Contractors Are A Must

If you want to ensure a quality output, let licensed and insured contractors, like Itile Bathrooms NT, handle your screeding tasks. We have all the necessary tools, equipment and skills to approach this job the best way possible. There’s no substitute to actual experience, so don’t make the mistake of relying on the Internet to do the job.

We know that any home improvement projects usually come with an expensive price tag. With us, however, we can work with your budget without compromising the quality of our service. If there would be any problems in the future, our communication lines are always open to accommodate you. We will surely come to your place and do the necessary fix you need.

Why Choose Us?

High Quality Craftsmanship

We put our more than 20 years worth of expertise in every project we handle.

Licensed and Insured

We have a Licensed Certificate III as Wall and Floor Tiler. Our works are fully insured and guaranteed.

Smart and Efficient Process

We value your time, resources and trust in delivering excellent projects.