Guide to Bathroom Waterproofing Membranes

Who wouldn’t want the best bathroom experience? It’s the part of the house where we feel literally clean, or get all cleaned up. If we can have enough resources to have the best bathroom, we will surely do it.

But whether we have “just enough” or more resources, one of the first things for a better bathroom is to install waterproofing membranes. Here, we present a set of guide questions to help you understand its importance and clarify some misconceptions about waterproofing materials.

What is your bathroom condition?

One of the most abused parts of any residential property is the bathroom. When was the last time you checked if everything in it is functioning as expected? How are the floor and wall doing?

Most of the time, we will only see a bathroom problem once it has gotten worse. The good thing about waterproofing membrane is that it can address and prevent almost all the major bathroom issues.

What is a waterproofing membrane?

Waterproofing is important in securing your shower area. It keeps water from spilling into areas where it can cause damage in many forms. To keep away from such trouble, ensure that your shower has waterproofing membranes. For best results, opt for the services of experts and authorized waterproofing experts only like iTileNT.

When you install waterproofing membranes in your bathroom, you are protecting and increasing the overall worth of your property. Mold and water equate to unimaginable damages that can downgrade a property’s value.

Moreover, waterproofing helps to establish a better home climate for the family. It just takes 24-48 hours for mold to develop on wet surfaces. Left unaddressed for a while, such surfaces can trigger asthma, fever, and other ailments. Here at iTileNT, our waterproofing innovations guarantee that your property is shielded from undesirable water infiltration.

Fact and Myths

You’ve most likely heard a ton of  myths that surround this ingenious material. Until you can isolate truth from fiction, you can’t settle on the most perfect decisions for the best waterproofing membranes for your bathroom.

Myth: Use of added substances on waterproofing will guarantee no cracks
Fact: Additives surely help. Yet, there is no full evidence that there will be no cracks. These materials also rely on the right amount of sand, concrete proportion, and application. Thus, it is vital that an expert will do the job.

Myth: Water spillages are consistently from the upper floor only
Fact: Not really. Water can also leak  from the similar floor. At times, water from lower floors can infiltrate through even the tiniest cracks and holes. This should be checked prior to making a choice on making fixes in the shower area.

Myth: Humid or seaside regions need serious waterproofing
Fact: Salt contained in the environment cannot cause spillages or paint strips. It can, however, make erosion of metals and fittings.

Myth: Use of crushed sand prompts breaks and leakages
Fact: If the proportion is inaccurate and application is not carried out as expected, breaks can be seen even where normal sand is used.

Myth: Bathroom tiles should be eliminated to stop leakages
Fact: Materials like tile cement need not be eliminated in any way.. The tile glue can do wonders. A slim layer of 3 mm is sufficient to stick the new tile on top and save time and work breaking old tiles.

Myth: Fiber can stop leakages
Fact: Use of strands in putting surely works and can also lessen breaks to a huge degree.

Myth: Waterproofing causes breakage or puffing of flooring
Fact: It is for the most part from the incorrect use of tiles or inappropriate readiness of the base. It can prompt removal, breakage, or puffing of floor tiles. The use of  tile cement can prevent this issue.

Myth: Paint stripping happens simply because of leakages
Fact: Paint strips happen if the clay or groundwork applied before was frail in its bond. Great quality clay guarantees that the bond is sufficiently able to hold itself with the put divider. This makes a base for the paint and forestalls any event of stripping.

Experts in Bathroom Waterproofing Membranes

In Darwin, iTileNT is the trusted expert in bathroom waterproofing membranes. We have more than 20 years of quality tiling and waterproofing services.

iTileNT is a licensed wall and floor tiler and waterproofers. Our team is fully capable of providing full bathroom renovations, from tile demolition, waterproofing, tiling, plumbing, to remedial waterproofing.

With iTileNT, you can be assured that our years of expertise can provide you with the best remedial waterproofing services, including leaky balcony and shower and tile free bathrooms.

Get in touch with us today and let’s help you.

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