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Which is Much Better For Your Bathroom Walls: Painting or Tiling?

Whether you are renovating your home or building a new one, you must conduct a thorough study since it is not just about saving money in the short term, but also about saving money in the long run.

During the rainy season, issues such as excess moisture in interior spaces and water seepage from walls or windows can provide an ideal habitat for mould and mildew growth. Water can enter the walls from external gaps in the building, leaking pipes, or leaks from the roof and nearby bathrooms. To solve these issues, waterproof paints and tiled surfaces can be used to reduce dampness in the home.

In this article, we will answer the topic of whether you should tile or paint the restroom walls, so you can make a good choice when it comes time to renovate your bathroom’s interior.

Dampness vs. Dryness

It goes without saying that showers must be built to withstand excessive dampness. This can appear quickly on painted walls if enough ventilation is not provided. Dampness can produce a number of issues, quickly spreading throughout each wall. This harms not only the appearance of a bathroom, but also putting the homeowner’s health at risk.

Although shower wall tiles won’t fix dampness if not properly ventilated, they will make cleaning easier if the problem arises. When paint is placed in long-term moisture, it can become eroded and discoloured. It can be very hard to remove, even with a repaint.

Waterproof Finish

When it comes to washroom design, waterproof paint versus tiles should always be the first priority. Paint and wallpaper can peel and contain mould in a restroom due to the wet conditions. Meanwhile, a tiled bathroom can reduce the danger of mould by providing drainage. You can restore the appearance of your tiles by washing them down with a wet towel and a cleaning solution, which you cannot do with painted walls.


Tile is more expensive in terms of work and materials than painting. But, is also a more durable solution. Choose a stunning tile that brings the entire bathroom together. You won’t have to worry about redoing it for years. Tiles are also frequently on sale.

Easy To Maintain

Spills and stains are an inescapable part of life; thus, the ease of cleaning must be considered while designing household areas. Scuff marks and unsightly flaws can quickly affect a room’s overall balance. And repainting or wallpapering the walls will always entail additional costs along with the time and effort involved. Either you choose glossy glass wall tiles or matt-finish wall tiles, a tiled wall is always less difficult to maintain than paint or wallpaper, As such, you can concentrate on other important parts of your life, such as family and work.

Style Over Substance

With trends changing all the time, it can be challenging to choose a shower design that you’ll be satisfied with in at least three years. However, for those who prefer not to redecorate on a regular basis, stylish bathroom tiles can be combined with accessories, such as bath mats and shower curtains to keep the area looking new. Consider going with a neutral bathroom tile design and then changing up your colour palette as needed. This is an inexpensive method to keep the restroom elegant without spending a lot of money.

These are just a few of the most important factors to consider when deciding which decorating option is ideal for your bathroom. Although waterproof paint and waterproof tiles are both popular methods of waterproofing wall and floor surfaces, tiles are a better long-term option than wall paint. 

Paint may give the homeowner freedom in recreating look after look. However, given moisture and expense concerns, this is less practical than long-lasting, easy-to-clean bathroom tiles. Furthermore, tiles are permanent and simpler to clean, whereas paint must be recoated every few years. One more thing, tiles are aesthetically pleasing and will look brand new for many years to come.

Whether you pick paint or tiles for your bathroom walls, you should always have them installed by a professional to prevent further damage. Itile Bathrooms NT has been in the tiling market for over 20 years. Our company has numerous delighted customers all around the Northern Territory. If you require any bathroom work, such as tiling your bathroom walls, please contact us, and we would be delighted to provide you with our highest level of service.

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