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The Unspoken Advantages of Dark Concrete Matte Finish

Much like the skin, your flooring is the most significant area of your residential, industrial, or commercial space. Since it occupies a big space in a home, it is only a given that a homeowner considers every decision before settling in a final look, feel, and quality.

One of the many rising flooring trends that are taking the world right now is the dark concrete matte finish. People commonly see glossy finished-floors but seldom a matte one. For this guide, we’re going to talk about the underappreciated beauty of the Dark Concrete Matte Finish on your homes, offices, and more.

Unique Visual Appeal

Yes, there’s something about glossy floor finish that we cannot deny. But, if you want the subtleness yet elegant visual feat of flooring beyond compare, matte finish is something you need to consider.

The Dark Concrete Matte Finish offers an old yet earthy feel to your floor. Not to mention the fact that if you want to embrace the trend of modern flooring schemes, going for the Dark Concrete Matte Finish elevates your floor game up the notch.

Low Maintenance and Minimal Imperfections

Let’s face it. A glossy floor calls out attention much more significant than a room will ever be. Because of this, guests, visitors, clients, and family members visiting your house will either awe in amazement or immediately gasp in disbelief because of floor stains and smudges.

Glossy floor finish requires twice as much cleaning and upkeep than Dark Concrete Matte Finish. Maintenance for the concrete matte finish is lesser compared to glossy floors. So, if you have someone or family members in your house that tends to run or pace around (we’re talking about little kids and pets), opting for the matte finish is a more practical choice.

Durable and Long-Lasting

Going for the Dark Concrete Matte Finish allows you to give your floor a fighting chance against ugly skid marks, shoe stains, and the eventual wear and tear because of foot traffic. Since most glossy floors lose their shine because of the wear and tear, you can expect your matte finish-floor to last longer.

Final Notes

As you explore more creative and stunning applications of the Dark Concrete Matte Finish for your floors, always keep in mind to assess what your home needs and the budget you have. If you can’t make up your mind because of the variety of choices, these two bases will be your tiebreaker.

Don’t forget to consult with an expert service provider to know more about the multiple pros and cons to make an objective decision.

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Stunning Applications of Wooden Planks for Your Home

When it comes to beautifying their homes, there are individuals whose more than willing to take the risk of investing in hard to maintain yet outstanding pieces. Despite the varieties available in the market for practical decorative applications, nothing beats the authenticity of a wooden flooring and wooden décor.

If you’re looking for inspiration to grace your home with wooden planks, this guide is for you. We compiled several jaw-dropping and extravagant applications for you to consider when decorating or installing wooden planks to your home.

Shower Stalls

The bathroom is always a place to maximize both design and comfort. If you’re looking to integrate vintage and home-y feel to your sanctuary, wooden planks are a great way to do this.

Although, we would greatly recommend that you use wooden planks as more of an accentuating piece to the stall, not the wall itself. If you want, you can also consult with an expert builder regarding the appropriate installation to make the most out of your investment.

Low-Traffic Indoor Spaces

Since wooden planks are hard to maintain, sometimes, it’s better off installed in low-traffic indoor areas. Let’s say you have a dedicated space for reading or napping. This can be an ideal placement provided that you or some members of the family take basking in such a lazy endeavour. Not to mention the fact that installing wooden planks on these areas makes it more exquisite and majestic.

Wall Accents and Design

Are you bored of having painted walls? Painted walls can be decorated with picture frames, hanging plants, and others. But, if you’re looking to bring your wall-game to the next level, installing wooden planks is the best thing to do! Wooden planks as walls need to complement your entire home, and it can be a mind-boggling thing to do. Consult with an interior designer for this wall decision as it comes with its repercussions.

Outside Living Spots

Do you have a patio, a porch, a lounge, or a deck? If you do, try glamming it up with wooden planks for its flooring. Wooden planks that are incorporated in your outdoor space gives an earthy feel that lets you and family members feel grounded to the beauty of it. For a non-slippery surface, we recommend wooden planks that have a certain level of texture to it.

Statement Flooring

Last but not least, wooden planks are great for statement flooring. Yes, it is more expensive than decorative tiles, but if you desire top-notch quality and stunning looks, wooden planks are the best way to do it. Unusual shapes, textures, and cuts can be done for your wooden plank flooring. We highly recommend consulting your design needs with an interior designer and a service provider for optimal results.

In conclusion, the installation of wooden planks to your home needs both creative extent and expertise. We wouldn’t sugarcoat the fact that wooden planks are expensive and require professional servicing for maintenance. But, if there’s one guarantee to using wooden planks for your home, it is the outstanding craftsmanship that translates to compelling beauty.

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What’s In and What’s Out: Bathroom Renovations for 2021

Every part of the home deserves nothing but the finest. It doesn’t matter if it’s simplistic, vintage, or splashed with modern vibes, every room in your home needs to update with the latest and the greatest. If you’re growing tired of looking at a dull and generic bathroom, maybe it’s time for a 2021-inspired renovation.

After all, your bathroom deserves to the top-notch treatment as most homeowners deem it to be their sanctuary. Without further ado, here are the latest bathroom renovation trends you need to keep an eye on for 2021.

The Bold Mirrors

Creeping out because of mirrors is a thing of the past. Right now, the future of bathroom renovations lies in the beauty of mirrors. To achieve the look, purchase a statement mirror that is interestingly-shaped that will serve as the centrepiece of the room.

The Majestic Marble

Considered as timeless for its elegance and simplicity, the marble trend for a bathroom will never go out of style. Although this material isn’t as cost-friendly as some people would think it to be, marble is durable and long-lasting.

The Efficient Tiles

Since marble overalls aren’t practical for households with limited financial capacity, tiles are the next best thing. Modern technology allows crafting and delicate designs, which make each tiling project unique.

The Sturdy Wood

As we mentioned earlier, your bathroom is your sanctuary. As trivial as it may seem, the bathroom’s appearance affects the vibes it provides to the homeowner. If you want to incorporate the earthy feel of being grounded, going with wood vanities or wooden walls is a great place to start.

The Innovative Technology

Most smart homes are integrated with AI devices that make living comfortable and hassle-free. Your bathroom should never be an exception. You can install temperature controls or voice commands for lighting and audio for the maximum experience.

The Elegant Bath Tubs

Sometimes, a shower isn’t enough. If you’ve got the money for it, why not add a bathtub to your bathroom? You deserve every right to enjoy an aromatic soak once in a while and investing in a one-of-a-kind bathtub.

The Jaw-Dropping Shower Stalls

Nowadays, you can be creative and imaginative as you want when it comes to your shower stall. You can make it with superior glass finishing or sophisticated glass patterns with the splash of color and texture.

The Interesting Texture

Marbling, tiling, wooden flooring, or glass finishing, is a visual feast of delight. But, feeling its wholesome texture is a bathroom renovation of a lifetime. If you don’t have any idea what texture to choose, you can always consult your friendly and reliable bathroom renovation expert.

Bathroom renovations need careful planning, budgeting, and design considerations. Every homeowner deserves a bathroom that collides function with style. If you need help with bathroom renovations or are planning to have one soon, you can always reach out to us! We’d be more than happy to help you achieve a bathroom of a lifetime.

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