Having Kids? Here are Renovation Tips to Make Your Bathroom Kid-Friendly!

Welcoming a child in your home is a breathtaking feat to experience. From cute baby steps to the countless hours of chasing and sweet episodes, a child brings joy to a home. As they grow older, their curious nature kicks in. Putting stuff in their mouth, smelling anything they come across with and walking around the house are the most common activities they undertake.

If you are eager to make your home kid-friendly, it’s time to assess your bathroom and modify it to avoid accidents.

Design With Their Perspective in Mind

Let your kids’ imagination help you out in making this step possible. Ask them what they’d like to see when they take a bath. Aside from the floating ducks, try unisex options like animals, nature, and sports.

After decorating, it’s time to factor in on how they can access their soaps, shampoos, and towels by themselves. Is the towel bar appropriate for their height? How about the hooks and tissue holder? Also, your floor must have a gripping tool like rubber mats to avoid slips and falls.

Give Them the Best of Both Worlds

Kids, as they grow old, will have varied preferences when it comes to bathing. They might enjoy splashing in the tub now and whine for a shower tomorrow. Who knows? In this case, a tub/shower combo is the way to go.

Practice Safety at Every Age

A bathroom is a place where accidents can happen. From every nook and corner of a bathroom, hazards must be minimized. Here are areas you can check and modify for everyone’s safety.

  • Purchase rubber mats and other non-slip materials.
  • If possible, buy a step tool that is non-skid and non-tipping.
  • Have a mesh bag for bath toys as they are tripping hazards.
  • Install locks on cabinets and drawers that contain choking hazards and chemicals like industrial cleaners, medicine, and more.

Install Numerous Sinks or Have Another Kid-Only Bathroom

Chances are, you’ve fought with your partner because of sink control. If you did, you could expect the same scenario with your kids. To avoid fights and mini skirmishes, consider installing different-sized sinks and have each kid their drawer.

If you have the financial capability, you can also opt for an additional kids-only bathroom where they don’t have to deal with adult things and other hazards like chemicals and medicines.

Since your child doesn’t have much control of their environment, you, as a parent is responsible for keeping it safe yet functional. If you need help with kid-friendly fixtures and other bathroom installations, you can reach out to us! We’d be more than happy to help.

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