Bathroom Tiling Trends for 2020: When Style Meets Function

Does 2020 feel like a time for bathroom renovations? If you have the resources and you’re feeling a little too dull with your current bathroom set-up, then you’re definitely up for a bit of mix-up. When it comes to bathroom renovations, one affordable yet significant change most homeowners choose is their walls or floors.

If you plan to mix them up, you can do so with the flexibility of tiling. To keep you up to date with the trends of tiling, we compiled the most stylish ones that meet practical application and function. Read them below.

1.    Wooden Look

There’s something extravagant yet comforting when you lay your eyes on a hardwood wall or flooring. The good thing is, you don’t have to pay the actual price of hardwood installation for you to experience the vibe. You can purchase hardwood looking tiles both in dark and lighter tones in your nearest hardware store!

2.    Matte Finish Tiles

Rising in popularity is the newest innovation for tiling, which is called, matte finish tiles. Unique in texture and overall look, matte finish tiles are becoming a favourite for its easy-to-maintain feature. Aside from choosing matte finish tiles for your bathroom floor, you can use them for walls and countertops.

3.    Lines and Geometric Shapes

Whether you’re into geometry or not, hexagon-shaped tiles and other geometrical features are one of the trendiest options for tiling nowadays. You can play around its compelling appeal and exercise creativeness with lines and shapes. If you don’t know how to maximize its space-conscious effects, you can always ask for professional help.

4.    Gray and White Tones

Who wouldn’t want to grace their bathroom with the classic grey and white tones? Does that exemplify elegance? If you want your bathroom to stand the test of time regarding practicality, style, and function, going with grey and white hues for your tiles is the best way to go.

5.    Black and White Stencils

Is retro or vintage more of your style? If it is, don’t miss out on this trendy renovation for your bathroom. Black and white patterns are mesmerizing, fun, and bring a splash of the good, old times.

Now that we have compiled the tiling trends for 2020, you can plan your next bathroom renovation accordingly. Choose a style and color scheme that fits your budget, your theme, and your vibe. If you need any help with installation or professional guidance, call on your reliable service provider to get started.

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