What Makes A Roman Bathtub A Breathtaking Bathroom Experience

Have you seen a movie where the Romans seem to enjoy taking their time for a bath? For them, this moment of the day is crucial not only for hygiene but for relaxation. There is no doubt than when you soak yourself to a calming bath, it seems all of your troubles go away.

If you want to experience such a majestic experience, you can try having a Roman bathtub for your next bathroom renovation project. But what makes this piece of furniture exceptional? Read on below.

What is Roman Bathtub?

As some of you may have noticed, a Roman bathtub occupies an ample space. One of the main features of a Roman tub is that it needs a lot of water and is spacious so that a person can lounge comfortably. What’s the point of having a Roman bathtub if it isn’t large enough to sink yourself in?

Next, you’ll never see a Roman bathtub with air or jet streams. Why is this so? Simple. Roman tubs are made for the serene and comfortable moments. You soak yourself with bath bombs or aromatherapy candles burning on the side.

Features of a Roman Bathtub

  1. Spacious and Huge Water Capacity

 As we mentioned earlier, Roman bathtubs make you feel “at home” or cozy when you’re soaking yourself in a warm bath. Roman tubs are built to envelop your body with ease as if you’re swimming in a vast and calm ocean.

  1. Thick Decks and Walls

 A true testimony to the pressure of water the Roman bathtub holds is the visible thickness of deck and walls. Thinner baths like modern ones naturally don’t hold as much water as of the Roman tubs.

  1. Roman Tub Fillers

 In the old times, Roman tubs have faucets installed on walls that adequately fill the tub at a large volume. Since this isn’t feasible for a modern residential set-up, what replaced these faucets are roman tub fillers. These fillers have long and arched spouts that don’t obstruct your bathing experience and fill the tub.

  1. Luxurious Design and Efficient Water Installation

 Romans are known for their extravagance and lavish lifestyle. If you want to bring this experience in your bathroom, a Roman bathtub is a perfect touch of luxury you need! Plus, if you consult your trusted professional for the installation of a Roman bath, you’ll notice how the tub fillers aren’t located on the head or the foot-end of the tub. It’s situated in the middle of the tub.

If you want to make your home a spot of extravagant vibes and luxurious experience, there’s no harm opting for the installation of a Roman bathtub.

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